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Comprehensive, hands-on dental assistant training you can afford.

DMV Program

Why Choose The DMV Program?

How graduation from DMV sets you apart:

The DMV Program Cost Breakdown

At DMV, it’s our goal to offer comprehensive dental assistant training that is affordable for you. We know you’re looking to start a brand new career, and we want to put you on the fastest, most successful path towards that goal. That’s why we’re upfront about every cost associated with our program, and it’s also why we partner with a number of tuition support programs. Here’s a breakdown of the total cost of attending DMV: Total Program Cost: $3,500
  • Tuition: $2,800
  • Books & Materials: $700

What is included in the materials fee?

The $700 fee for books and materials covers:

  • The cost of all of the books you’ll need for the program
  • All the disposable supplies you’ll need to use throughout the program
  • A set of scrubs. You are expected to wear the provided scrubs to each class.

When is my tuition due?

Your payment for the total cost of the program is to be made in full 10 days ahead of your first class. If you’re concerned about making the full payment at that time, you may contact the admissions department to discuss a potential payment arrangement.

Are there any additional fees?

When you graduate from the Dental Assistant Training Schools, you will have satisfied the requirements necessary to apply to take the approved Radiation Health and Safety (RHS®) exam, administered by Dental Assistant National Board (DANB®). Students in Virginia may elect to take a separate Dental Radiation Safety Seminar offered by one of the community colleges instead.

No matter which option you choose, there is a separate cost to take these tests. Your DMV instructor will provide any information about these tests during your course.